The placenta is a nutrient rich, temporary organ, conceived to facilitate life between mother and child. It is full of protien, iron, hormones, minerals and vitamins. The placenta is so potent and nutritionally balanced nearly all mammals consume the placenta after birth. In many ways placentophagy (consumption of the placenta) is nature's postpartum supplement. Made by you, for you.  The act of encapsulating simply makes consumption more palatable for most mothers, while extending the benefits over weeks instead of days. 

Reported Benefits:

 Increased energy

 Mood Stabilization

 Decreased postpartum bleeding

 Quicker Healing time

 Improved milk production

 Decrease post birth anemia


While there is limited research, there have been small scale studies made that support and surmise why placenta encapsulation has it's benefits. Many anecdotal stories are also compelling and support this practice for ALL mothers. Placentophagy is not for any one kind of woman or mother. Any and all women may benefit in some way from placentophagy during their postpartum transition. While the practice may not be for every woman, to know of the benefits and options for the placenta after birth is a right every woman has.

Basic Encapsulation $225

Placenta Pills
  • Encapsulated Placenta, prepared in one of two ways; Traditional Method or Raw Start Method

  • Pick up & Delivery within 25 miles of 01453

  • Placenta Print (optional)

  • Cord Keepsake (optional)


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Birch Moon Mama offers two preparation methods; Traditional and Raw Start.

Raw Start

Raw Start is based on the belief that less is more; less processing leads to more nutrients left behind. The placenta is sliced and dehydrated at a high temperature preserving nutrients. Many mothers who choose this method report the added benefit of a quick energy boost. after taking their capsules. The Raw Start method often yields more capsules than the Traditional Method.


Traditional Method

This method stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the belief that a mother is left cold after birth and must be fed warming foods to promote healing and good health. The placenta is believed to be a balancing and tonifying organ and will help balance Qi (life energy), especially after depleting birth. It's also believed that steaming helps the body absorb the nutrients, especially bio-available iron. Since the placenta is lightly steamed prior to dehydration, the Traditional Method typically yields 20% less capsules than the Raw Start method.

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Check out what other mothers are saying!

"Patti is a phenomenal resource on placenta encapsulation. She spent an entire afternoon just answering my questions, providing me with all of the information (and more!) than I could have ever asked for, and not once did she try to sell me on her services. Based on all of the detailed answers Patti gave me, I decided to give placenta encapsulation a shot and I'm very glad I did. Patti made the process extremely smooth, simple, and enjoyable" Angela T of Leominster, MA


"I loved receiving my package! Can't express enough how amazing I feel! I did NOT encapsulate with my first, and did with my second & the difference I feel is absolutely amazing! My milk supply is greater, my energy level (even though sleep deprived from a newborn with a backwards schedule) is greater & I never experienced the weepiness or anxiety! THANK YOU Birch Moon Mama!!!"  Katey M of Clinton, MA


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